Size: (480g, 17oz)

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Size: (480g, 17oz)

Gjetost originated in the Gudbrandsdalen valley of Norway over one hundred years ago. Gjetost has always been sweet like butterscotch with a rich, dense texture. Gjetost is best when sliced wafer thin and enjoyed open-faced on Norwegian flatbread paired with fresh fruit. Children will be drawn to the taste of this unique, sweet-like-fudge cheese. Often enjoyed as a breakfast cheese in Norway, Gjetost also makes an excellent snack and is the perfect for dessert.

Gudbrandsdal is THE classic of the Norwegian breakfast table. Synnøve Gudbrandsdal is a traditional goat cheese with goat’s milk that provides a distinctive and rich flavor. The cheese is made from cows and goats milk. PRODUCT OF NORWAY.

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